Tips On Creating the Perfect Kitchen Layout

How exciting it is to be planning a brand new kitchen layout. The kitchen is one of the main rooms in your home. Family members spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals, dining, entertaining and otherwise socializing. The kitchen is a high-traffic area and can become cluttered easily. A cluttered kitchen is chaotic. You’ll want to create a kitchen layout that prevents clutter. It is recommended to use a 3D layout program to help you design your kitchen. Here are some things to keep in mind as you design the layout of your new kitchen.

The Stove Must Go On An Exterior Wall

The stove/oven is one of the major appliances that you will have in your kitchen. The other is the refrigerator. While the refrigerator can be placed anywhere in the room, on any wall, the stove/oven must always be placed on an exterior wall. The reason for this is due to venting. It is very difficult and costly to vent a stove or oven that is not placed on an exterior wall. Take great care in choosing where to have your stove installed as you will not be able to move it without installing new venting in another spot.

Keep Coats/Shoes/Backpacks In Another Room

Many families drop their coats, shoes, and kids’ backpacks in the kitchen when they arrive home. Doing so makes for a cluttered kitchen space. It is a better idea to create a mudroom space that is near the kitchen, but not in it. The mudroom can be a small room near the entrance door of your home. It should be the place where coats and backpacks hang, and shoes are taken off. This idea keeps all of those things out of the kitchen area and greatly reduces clutter.

Consider Wall Storage

You’ll need to incorporate plenty of storage space into your kitchen layout plan. It’s a great idea to have a wall of shelves that go up high, instead of taking up floor space by extending out horizontally. When have your shelving built vertically instead of horizontally you end up with more storage space, and more floor space. You will be able to use these shelves for the storage of dishes, small appliances that are less used, and even decorative items. This same concept goes for cabinets. Remember that you’ll want to keep cabinets and storage near the stove and fridge so that you do not have to walk across the room to put sides away, etc.

Include a Pantry Space

A pantry is an important part of any kitchen layout. A pantry does not have to be large. It can be built in as a small space with shelves that is the perfect spot to hold all of your food. The pantry is almost like a small closet but it does not have to have a door.

Consider a Broom Closet

As a pantry, a broom closet is another small space that can be a home for your broom, dustpan, mop, and other kitchen cleaners. The broom closet should have a door with a latch if you have small children in the home. This keeps your little ones out of poisonous cleaners. Even if you do not have children a broom closet will ensure your kitchen is clutter-free while still keeping all of your essential cleaning supplies close at hand.

Where You Place the Island Matters

Most homeowners have their islands installed in the center of the kitchen. Many choose to have stools placed on one side so that family members can sit at the island. An island is an excellent space for food preparation and can include a sink. If you plan to include a sink in your island pay attention to the next tip.

Sink Placement Must Be Decided Before the Concrete Is Poured

Your kitchen sink is an essential part of your kitchen. It will be used often for all sorts of things from food preparation to hand washing. The placement of the kitchen sink must be determined before your concrete is laid. Why? The answer is that there will be drainpipes that must run down through your floor to the septic line. This needs to be considered for island sinks as well. Drain lines must be installed for any sink in your new kitchen.

In Conclusion

Designing a new kitchen is exciting but can also be challenging. You’ll want to design a layout that is open and allows for family members to move freely through the kitchen area without feeling cramped or on top of each other. Adding in a pantry, broom closet, and verticle shelving helps to keep your kitchen clutter-free.

Remember that your stove should always go on an exterior wall as it needs to be vented. Provide lots of walking space around your island, and add some stools so the family can sit at it like a bar as well as use it for food preparation. Keep in mind that sinks require drain pipes that must be installed before the concrete is poured. Use a 3D program to help you design the perfect kitchen layout for your home. Good luck and enjoy your new dream kitchen!