Kitchen Color Schemes With Cherry Cabinets

This page features elegant cherry wood kitchens in rustic, contemporary, vintage, and modern design styles. The kitchen with some dark cherry wood cabinets offers a luxurious and warm touch and blends well with a wide range of countertop finishes and materials.

On a typical design/layout, the kitchen is always directly open to your dining area. For some, it is even directly opposite to the living area, and the only thing separating your living area from your kitchen is the base cabinets, which act as the room partition between your cooking space and other common areas in your home.

With this in mind, all you need is something to spice up your kitchen, an addition that will bring something extraordinary and beautiful. Some of the options include cherry wood cabinets topped with some black granite and stone backsplash.

The natural cherry wood help to light up your kitchen, giving it that appearance you’ve always wanted for your kitchen while keeping it so cute and elegant silhouette.

Kitchen Color Schemes With Cherry Cabinets

All you need to know about Cherry wood kitchen cabinet

Cherry wood cabinets are ideal and elegantly suited for those looking for a friendly and bright-looking kitchen space. With their ability to induce the wood tones and cherry appearance in your kitchen furniture, all of your testes are achieved by just a single addition of these magical extensions.

Their ideal fit is in their tone and their ability to be stained or left to induce their natural color over time. And since the wood has its natural way to fit in different styles and designs, this allows you to customize it to fit into your kitchen shape and design. 

Cherry cabinets woods come from Canada or US and often have elegant features that make them ideally sought after by many kitchen designers. This beauty and its appealing nature come at a price, making them one of the most expensive options in the market.

All you need to know about Cherry wood kitchen cabinet

Dark and cherry colored cabinets benefits

There is no denying that kitchen cherry cabinets exude a cool undertones and elegant visual appeal of the whole cherry cabinets kitchen in green shades and light blue settings; however, besides having exquisite aesthetics in cherry cabinetry, cherry cabinets are also a prototype of practical functionality in both dark brown and light gray kitchen setting.

There are so many reasons why cherry cabinets make a sensible and fantastic choice for any kitchen cabinetry. 

Dark and cherry colored cabinets benefits


Although some specialists suggest that cherry wood is not that resilient compared with other wood such as Oak, cherry wood is one of the most substantial wood in the world when it comes to any woodwork. It is also known for its strength in muted shades and when it comes to customizing it to fit into different wall paint colors.


When it comes to price, dark wood cherry cabinets are somehow in the middle, and they are not that cheaper and not expensive; all you need is to add something into your budget and fit into their demand price.

Among dark oak woods, ligther shade cherry cabinets are even affordable than mahogany and ebony. But they prove to be such an excellent investment, retuning all the practical advantages in the end. It is also widely available here in Canada and in other shops in the world.


It comes in Different Colors

One reason why many kitchen cherry cabinets builders and homeowners love this type of wood is that its aesthetic value not only comes with high-quality designs but also comes in different colors. A series of deep undertones induce some luxurious appearance in your kitchen.

This cherry richness also generates a distinctive warmth to your interiors and a nice wall color, producing nothing but a cozy ambiance making your kitchen more inviting.

Without forgetting, a stone backsplash that induce a modern cherry wood colors that will not only make your home look better but also a measure of modern cherry cabinets kitchen.

It comes in Different Colors


Like wine, cherry wood increases with time, and this being one of the unique feature of being a lighter shades in sensitivity of any light which allows its reddish color to darken over time. This elegant evolution of lighter shades makes the cherry wood kitchen cabinets one of the best investments to introduce into your kitchen, without forgetting that cherry kitchen cabinets also have a timeless appeal. The whole design is old and traditional, but it promises that its fashion will always be on top.

Wide range of Application

With their ability to fit into any design, cherry kitchen cabinets can easily match any extension you want to add to your existing kitchen space. Cherry kitchen cabinets offers nothing but an ideal fit for all kitchen styles from traditional, contemporary, or even modern designs.

Depending on the millwork you use, cherry cabinets can easily tie all the prevailing fashion and appearance in your spaces. Besides, these cabinets can function as kitchen focal pieces not only in your cooking space but in the whole house.

 There are a few bottlenecks associated with dark cherry cabinets and with all the coziness and luxuries of cherry woods and their wonder transformation ability. One thing about the dark cherry cabinets is that it brings more goodies to your kitchen than its drawbacks.

Wide range of Application

Prone to Termite attacks

Like any other kind of wood, cherry woods are prone to termite attacks, but this can be controlled or addressed by inducing preventive measures like termite proofing. Secondly, cherry woods are not water-resistant, and to avoid such incidences in your home, always wipe and spills immediately to prevent stains and other contaminations.

The good part of the story is that all of these drawbacks can be prevented with a simple maintenance procedure, making the cherry wood cabinets the best for your kitchen appearance and your home.

In order to ensure that your cherry wood cabinet is in good shape, be sure to look for some online tips on how to keep your cherry wood safe and reasonable, looking for ideas.

What Paint Colors Look Best With Cherry Cabinets?

The It all comes down to your countertops,depth, and the complement you wish to add into your kitchen. The best color is the one that matches well with your kitchen and induce that depth to your liking.

Different Kitchen Paints Colors with Cherry Wood Cabinets

The natural rich dark and deep color of cherry wood make way for many options and possibilities in terms of interior designs and paints to use. Thanks to its red oak undertones, golden yellow and olive green , pale yellow which formulate the suitable scheme to apply some additives to achieve the luxurious appearance when it comes down to its richness.

Many white wall paints can be tried and explored to match your white tiled backsplash amd also the mosaic backsplash cabinets, from the subdued neutrals to crisp white to mellow pastels and other colors in the market. The best color will entirely depend on the kitchen remodel you wish to add or achieve also the aesthetic tone from the original color wheel you are looking for in your kitchen, so whether it may be harmony or contrast, always pick the best by buying coordinating colors.

And choosing the coordinating colors in order to match your subtle backdrop can help you develop a stunning and cohesively attractive space. Here are some kitchen remodel paints options for white walls to help you make an educated choice on which paint is ideal for your kitchen cabinets stand.

Different Kitchen Paints Colors with Cherry Wood Cabinets


You’ve probably heard of colors that cannot be reflected in the original wheel color; neutrals include white walls, gray, brown,red undertones, black or any other complementary color.

These colors offer an excellent blend when it comes to painting, and if your kitchen is made in some of them, then your cherry cabinets paint should be simple. All you need is to pair your cherry kitchen cabinets with any of the complementary color in an order that their neutral color is bot enhanced with the natural red undertones making the space more elegant. With this in your kitchen space, always pick dark red color cherry woods, transparent choices or you can buy any coordinating colors in the stores.


Forest green

Forest green is always considered a new alternative for fresh coat it help to create contrast in any kitchen decor that aim in acheiving a nice color combination in all cherry cabinets because of its dramatic effects that induce an old tone in a subdued way.

Its accent color also comes with an ideal substitute of all deep color and red wall options that many people consider boring and loud options. When picking a versatile color such as hunter green ensure that it all mix well with cherry to create balance with all neutral colors for a nice subtlr effect.

For a modern kitchen or any kitchen island a ligt color can play some magics in kitchen walls all to induce a warm ambiance as you experience the new stark contrast in your home. So, when buying any light color always consider a warmer neutral color like yellow, mellow butter, light honey, and red options; they work well to add some warmth to your new cherry wood. They also work well with cherry woods in adding some ambiance to your kitchen without inducing some drama when mixed with any color group.

Forest green

Pale Yellow

When combined with Cherry cabinets, this color looks bright but is not overwhelming. Just two coats from this shade makes your kitchen look fresh and sophisticated. It offers an intense tone of yellow shade that feel energizing that is bright in its contrast to dull and gray. The color is. It’s an area of bright shades.


 In spaces where shades of brown are dominant, such as a tan shade, light mocha, and sand room are ideal if your wish to go with some monochromatic scheme with the best backsplash and with less dramatic effect.

These options complement the wood’s original color and neutralize the coziness, making your kitchen space more welcoming and well balanced. However, when selecting any complementary colors for your cabinets, do some dark shade as they camouflage well with your cherry cabinets and the walls.

Without forgetting the need to create a perfect balance with the right color to induce a visually pleasing appeal that includes a monochromatic scheme means a lot to any cherry wood shade.

For all neutral options, avoid black and gray paints because they induce the dark color so deep, and it might clash with the natural red color of the cherry wood kitchen cabinets. This mixture/combination has a higher tendency to produce a random design that is too heavy in dull-lit rooms and also might induce a cramped atmosphere in your room.



White is one of the most versatile choices for paints because it creates balance and has less subtle effect when mixed with the right color shade; it comes with a lot of touch and compatibility, making the best undercoat for any painting process.

Aside from its versatility, the color has a timeless appearance which gives nothing but quality no matter the type and design of your kitchen cabinet and walls. This wall paint works so well with both dark and light kitchen cabinets, including the dark cherry cabinets.

So, in order to achieve the perfect color contrast it is always to look at the color wheel and corresspond to the ones found opposite of your best paint color as they induce more subtle effect in any kitchen design.

The key here is yo pick the right paint color. For instance, if you love yellow paint color, it would be wise to always consider yellow backsplash or anything the aim at giving you a yellow paint colors product in the end.

Olive Green

Olive green makes “it” very good accent color for kitchen decor. It is sleek and bohemian and when combined with cherry cabinets this colour shines. It’s possible the shades may clash with some red-tone countertop but keep all of the other colors in my cooking area really minimal.

In addition to this, the white appearance comes with different tones, which one can consider adding to any space or in to the overall look to enhance the complemet appeal.

Ultra-white and dark cherry, for instance, are workable if you combine both contemporary and classic designs. But if you don’t wish to have some striking appearance or anything bright in your new cherry cabinets, then beige, off whites, warm undertones, and creams can work so well with cherry options.

How do you lighten dark wood?

When it comes to your home furniture or the art of making the whole room look brighter than before applying some orange stain will do some good to your cherry cabinets. Orange paint color bled well with dark choices creating a beauty marsterpice with less stain and also lighten your countertop. Also if you are creating a kitchen countertop from scratch then it would wise to always consider brighter choices such as pink, purple, marble, greens paint colors or other popular choice in the market.

What goes with cherry cabinets?

This comes down to the lighting, glaze and materials used to make your kitchen countertops. The whole job of identifying which taupe matches with your cherry cabinets is determined with the best option you prefer and the patterns you have in your kitchen. So for grain, stick, yellows, plain and red your mixing should always bring the combination in the best way. Also remember, simplicity, durability and preference comes first in any designing job.

Some Additional Ideas in Choosing an Ideal Wall Color for your Cherry Cabinet

The first thing you should always work on is to determine your blend and contrast; this is important has it help in coming up with the right tone and also to induce the combination with your new cherry cabinets.

Always when painting or choosing a paint color, use the color wheel as your initial guide as it helps you to come up with stunning bled schemes for your new cabinets—knowing some basic information about different blends and their effects on each color help in coming up with an attractive and practical palette not only for your kitchen space but also for your house.

Color wheels are one of the easiest and garnishing tools that will help any painter eliminate some guesswork on which blends might look well in different contrast or the analogous scheme if you are looking doe a harmonious combination. 

Some Additional Ideas in Choosing an Ideal Wall Color for your Cherry Cabinet


In summary of the whole Ultimate Guide to Kitchen color Schemes: Complementary choices such as green translate to cherry pop which enhances both warmness and brightness. Neutrals such as browns blend well with brighter choices, and that is if you are looking to improve some warmth. And lastly, pastels or any light options induce the original tone of cherry wood to something sensational.